QLeave – Portable Long Service Leave

QLeave has been helping contract cleaning workers in Queensland to get the long service leave they’ve earned since 2005.

The scheme rewards workers for their service to the industry by allowing their long service leave to move with them, even if they change employers or work interstate. Workers can claim their long service leave from QLeave after they’ve recorded 10 years’ service.

Employers need to register with QLeave and lodge an employer return each quarter. The return provides a record to QLeave of the days worked and wages earned by each of an employer’s eligible workers. Find out more here.

QLeave then collects a levy from employers, based on the wages recorded on their return, and uses the accumulated funds to pay long service leave claims. Find out more here.

Looking for more information?

Visit: www.qleave.qld.gov.au. There are worker FAQs and employer FAQs on the QLeave website that you may find helpful.

Phone: 1300 QLEAVE

Email: cci@qleave.qld.gov.au

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