ecoClean Directory

ecoClean is an environmental program that was developed by the cleaning industry to enable its participants to achieve increased eco-efficiency. 

The current ecoClean certified companies are listed below. 

ecoClean has entry attainment followed by four levels. These are detailed below:

Commitment - Entry Attainment: This ensures a business is complying with all current mandatory environmental requirements for business operation and is the first step towards improving overall environmental performance. It involves businesses identifying current practices and making a positive commitment to improve their performance. This level is FREE for BSCAA Members for the first year!

Implementation - ecoClean Level 1: The goal is to demonstrate that the business has become environmentally responsible and is implementing actions to improve performance. Site audits are required to achieve this level.

Sustainability - ecoClean Level 2: The goal is to embed the gains already made and make them part of regular practice.

Compliance - ecoClean Level 3: The goal is to demonstrate the achievement of ISO 14001 certification. Site audits are required to achieve this level.

Leadership - ecoClean Level 4: The goal is industry sector leadership and adopting best practice in all activities. Site audits are required to achieve this level.

If you would like to know more about the ecoClean Program click hereTo view the what is ecoClean brochure click here for detailed information about the program. To download a copy of the ecoClean Flyer please click here. 
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